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What are the tire maintenance tips?

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What are the tire maintenance tips?

One, pay attention to tire pressure


When driving, maintain the correct pressure - this pressure should be based on information provided by the automobile manufacturer. When driving, maintain the correct pressure - this pressure should be based on information provided by the automobile manufacturer. Check the air pressure of all tires under cooling condition including spare tires at least once a month. If air pressure decreases too quickly, find out the cause (e.g., puncture, cutting, valve mouth rubber aging, cracking, etc.). Always check the air pressure before a long journey. Tire pressure must be checked after the tire cools.

Remember: it is dangerous to drive with improperly inflated tires.

High speeds can be dangerous

At high speeds (even with the correct inflation pressure), tires are more likely to encounter road injuries than at low speeds.

Remember: under no circumstances should you exceed the reasonable speed required by driving conditions and legal limits, and slow down when turning and encountering obstacles such as potholes ahead.

When driving at high speed, the tires may hit holes and other foreign bodies, resulting in severe compression deformation between the impacter and rim flange, which can cause cord fabric broken yarn, the air inside the tires from the broken yarn to form a bump.

Remember: replace bulging tires immediately.

Please check the condition of tires frequently

Always check for bumps, cracks, cuts, spikes, and abnormal tire wear (especially check for abnormal tire wear at tread edges that may be due to poor positioning or low pressure driving). If any damage in this condition is found, the tyres must be checked immediately by a professional.

Keep in mind that using damaged tires can cause tire damage.


Inspection of wear marks

Tire wear to wear indicator sign, please stop using. There are wear indicators at the remaining depth of tread groove of 1.6mm. Wear indicators at this point must be replaced. Tires that exceed wear indicators are dangerous, especially in wetlands, where drainage has been greatly reduced

Wheel alignment and balance

Wheel alignment and balance are important to ensure the safety and ideal mileage of your tires. If your tires don't wear evenly, for example, the tire shoulder wears faster than the rest of the tread, or if you detect excessive shaking, your vehicle may be misaligned or unbalanced. These conditions not only shorten the life of your tires, but also affect the handling of your vehicle, which can be dangerous.

Remember: if you notice irregular wear or wobble, check alignment and balance immediately.


Wheel alignment

To get the best tire wear condition, tire alignment is a must. Refer to the tire transposition instructions in the manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If you don't have a vehicle manual, it is recommended that you move every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

Monthly tire wear check is recommended. Your tires should be repositioned as soon as they are found to have irregular wear, even if they travel less than 8,000 kilometers. However, check the wheel alignment in time or find out other causes of irregular tire wear.

When the tire with directional pattern is in position, please observe the arrow etched on the tire tread edge, which indicates the direction the tire should rotate. Care must be taken to maintain the correct rotation direction. 7

Seven, prevent sunlight, oil, acid, hydrocarbons erosion tires

All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark room to prevent moisture from accumulating in the tires and creating hazards. Due to pressurization, fluid may enter the tire through the inner airtight layer, which may cause sudden tire damage.

Matters needing attention

· the key to tire maintenance is frequent inspection, once found abnormal tire wear, it is necessary to replace. If the spare tire is used in emergency, it should be replaced as soon as possible in the later period. The spare tire is not suitable for long-term use.

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