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Why are the tires black?

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Why are the tires black?

The first reason we can think of is that white is not resistant to dirt. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this statement. But why not gray or some other dirt-resistant color?

Because tires contain carbon black. In fact, the earliest tire in the world is indeed milky white, just like the color of natural rubber, so the tire in the initial color is white, but this kind of tire strength and resistance to tear performance is poor, aging performance is poor, the cost is also relatively expensive, use time a long rubber will slowly yellow and brown.


At that time, the production of tires manufacturers do not know the carbon black mixed in rubber will have such a big role, can enhance the wear resistance and skid performance of tires, black tires do not only dirty and long service life!


In 1915, rubber was an ink-black with unprecedented wear resistance, thanks to the use of high-temperature condensation of carbon and hydrocarbons, an amorphous form of carbon.


From before each tire can only run 6000 kilometers to more than 100 thousand kilometers, we can see the wear resistance of this kind of black tires, from then on, car tires generally black grand situation.

In numerous attempts, we found that carbon was added to the rubber, using the process of high temperature condensation of carbon elements and hydrocarbons, which can improve the performance of tires in wear resistance, aging resistance, heat dissipation and other aspects. And this kind of craft, make tire can show black only, then slowly black tire becomes mainstream, popularize gradually.


Today's car tyres are all black because carbon black is added to the tyre process. Carbon black (carbon black), is a kind of amorphous carbon, is a light weight, and the particles are very fine black powder, there are carbon materials such as coal, heavy oil, natural gas and other fuels in the incomplete combustion of thermal decomposition products.

Pure rubber tires are not wear-resistant, and rubber molecules change with the frequency of vibration, making them extremely durable for heavy vehicles. In order to solve this problem, after years of research and development, these enterprises finally choose carbon black as the most important material in the formula, which can stabilize rubber molecules and increase the service life, skid resistance and wear resistance of tires.

After all, carbon black is a pure black powder, after adding natural tires appear black. Practicality can be greatly improved to reduce consumer spending, consumer color is not so demanding requirements. And black is really versatile, no matter what color is used in the car is not obvious, aesthetic aspects may also be the same. Black tire is so come, also do not rule out to be able to have the tire of individual color custom-made later, however certain meeting is very few numerous.

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