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Winter car tyre maintenance tips

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Winter car tyre maintenance tips

1) what are winter tires

Most people in the concept that winter tires are snow tires, this concept is not comprehensive, the international standard is suitable for the use of tires under the temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. Compared with summer tires and all-weather tires, winter tire selection formula of different material is relatively soft, tire pattern groove is relatively wider, deeper in snow and ice road surface can provide better grip and skid resistance, protection of cars on the road adhesion, low temperature condition, wet or dry and cold in the winter snow pavement can provide better braking and handling etc. According to the pavement skid resistance winter tyres into serrated surface tires, anti-slide snow tires and tire, three kinds of specifications. At present in the domestic non-skid nail tires are not allowed to use, the other two kinds of winter tires can be used.


2) why does the car skid in winter

In winter, the temperature is low, especially after snow or rain, it is easy to freeze on the ground. When the vehicle tires are driving on the ice, due to the influence of pressure and tire temperature, the ice will melt, leading to the reduction of adhesion between the vehicle tires and the ground, thus causing the phenomenon of skidding.

3) why can't ordinary tires be used for snow tires

Snow tires are very different from ordinary tires in terms of materials and tire patterns. From the appearance, snow tires have asymmetric directional tread pattern, snow tires have more grooves, that is, the proportion of tire surface grooves, the higher the proportion, the better the drainage. Snow tires more small grooves at least 1000 more, about 200 ordinary tires.

From the material aspect, the snow tire is softer than the ordinary tire material, mainly because the tread adopts some special formula, thus produces more friction than the ordinary all-weather tire, which greatly improves the vehicle handling and safety on the smooth ice. Low temperature snow tires will remain soft texture, and ordinary tires will become hard with the temperature drop.


4) in terms of design, what is special about winter tires

In addition to just repeatedly mentioned the tire pattern more, the winter tire pattern groove depth is also deeper than the general all-weather tires, this design benefit is to increase the displacement and increase the friction between the tire and the ground.

In addition, the winter tire shoulder will be designed into an angular shape, which is different from the general all-weather tires, designed into an angular shape is mainly to increase the contact with the ground, increase the friction, to prevent driving in the snow and ice surface serious sideslip situation.

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